Who are we then?


Andrew has spent the last 15 years in Germany as a successful IT consultant (hence the extensive Webpage). Although his career has been an exciting challenge, a change and a slowing down were inevitable. Now returning to his roots Andrew has taken on the task of living off the land, spending more time with his saxophone, paint brushes and cooking pots. Over a meal he can spin yarns about the time he walked 870km from Central African Republic to Sudan, or how he rode on the rooftop of a train carriage from Khartoum to Wadi Halfa.



Conny married Andrew in 1996 and has two grown up children (Michaela and Gerd) who still live in Cologne. Having grown tired of her stressful European lifestyle as a personal manager, Conny encouraged Andrew to start something new. Her childhood dreams of working with animals and the idea of living on home-grown food, somehow just fitted perfectly when she discovered the Antbear. Conny spends much of her free time riding and gardening.


Thoko is a Zulu woman who has spent her whole life right here on this farm. She knows lots about what the land has to offer, and also how to prepare delicate delights from what many might have thought just another weed. When she is not helping out in the Antbear she likes to spend her time with her husband and their three children.

Inja and Flecki

Inja and Flecki like to make friends with our guests and are very playful. They tend to take their afternoon nap in a sunny spot overlooking the valley. And why not? It seems they have understood what life is all about more than the rest of us have.


Greywing, Lady and Star are by no means thoroughbred and as such don't come with all those complicated airs and graces that some horses have. They like to eat and that they do well, their favourites being apples and carrots mixed in with a touch of oats. Star is the foal that was born right here at the Antbear. In winter they get a nice thick coat and they know that they are somebody special. Lady and Gerywing have been training Conny to ride and so far have been quite successful. 

Nelli and Floh

Our two German cats certainly adjusted well to this place. After spending 10 years in a Cologne city flat having never seen a real tree and certainly not a real mouse, it only took 10 days of adjustment and away they were - eating mice and climbing trees. We cannot imagine them wanting to go back to Germany any time soon.

King Louie and his clan

King Louie got his name for being the king of all our chickens and he knows it. He even has a Pekan duck who thinks this man is just great. His clan grace us with fresh eggs each day, and every now and again we have a whole lot more new chicks.

Recently a wild spurwing goose has moved in and although he is free to come and go as he pleases seems to have become a permanent feature of Louis's clan. We think that "Spurwing" finds the social security at the Antbear just too good an option to pass up.




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